Details about the new hearts feature

What Are Hearts?

Hearts have been introduced as an innovative feature to extend your gameplay in a single session. This means players can now use hearts to improve their scores, increase their chances of earning keys, and ultimately, boost their rewards!

How It Works

To utilize hearts, you must first possess them (refer to the "How to Acquire Hearts" section below for details). When you're in the midst of gameplay and make an error leading to a crash, a prompt will appear if you have any hearts remaining.

Selecting “Use Heart” will consume one heart, allowing you to resume your game from the point of interruption, along with a notification of your remaining tries.

Players are granted up to 3 attempts per session. A second crash brings up another prompt, and using a heart then will inform you that only one more try is available.

Should you crash a third time, a final prompt will indicate that using a heart this time is your last opportunity to achieve the highest score possible in that session.

How to Acquire Hearts

Hearts can be easily obtained by visiting https://app.wallstreetgames.net/nfts. Here, you can select the desired number of hearts to use in your gameplay.

Please note, that your account must be at least Rank 2 to purchase hearts.

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