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Details about the new hearts feature

What is the new hearts feature?

Hearts are a new feature introduced to prolong the playing time in a single run. That means, that users will be able to use hearts to get a better score, have a higher chance to earn keys and earn more!
How does it work?
You have to have hearts in order to be able to spend them (see “where can you get hearts section” below).
When playing and having the amount of hearts more than 0, you will get a dialog upon making a mistake and crashing.
Clicking on “Use Heart” will spend one heart and you will be able to continue playing from where you left off with a warning of how many attempts you still have.
You have can have up to 3 tries in one run. Crashing for the second time will result in a new dialog and when clicking on “Use Heart” the message will appear that you have 1 repetitive try left!
Upon crashing again, the final dialog will appear. Upon clicking on “Use Heart”, the message “This is your last repetitive try left” will appear, and it will be the last chance to get the best possible score in this run!
Where can you get hearts?
Simply go to https://app.wallstreetgames.net/nfts and acquire the number of hearts you wish to use in the game!
Your account has to be atleast rank 2, to be able to purchase hearts.