Game Pass

How to Activate Your Game Pass

Welcome to our new Game Pass system! Follow these simple steps to activate your Game Pass and start earning from our Play-to-Earn system.

Steps to Activate Your Game Pass:

  1. Open the Game App:

    • Launch the game and navigate to the main hub.

  2. Select the minigame you want to activate:

    • From the main hub, select the game you want to play.

  3. Select Game Pass:

    • When the game is selected, choose the pass you want to activate.

  4. Choose Your Pass:

    • Available passes:

      • 2 Day Pass

      • 1 Week Pass

      • 1 Month Pass

      • 6 Month Pass

      • Lifetime Pass

  5. Pay with Gold:

    • Each pass requires a certain amount of in-game gold to activate. Make sure you have enough gold.

    • Select the desired pass and confirm your purchase by paying the required gold.

  6. Activation:

    • Once the purchase is confirmed, your Game Pass will be activated immediately.

    • You can now access and play the minigame available under the Play-to-Earn system.

Game Pass Details

  • 2-Day Pass: Ideal for short bursts of gameplay. Perfect for trying out the system.

  • 1 Week Pass: Great for regular players who play frequently throughout the week.

  • 1 Month Pass: Best for committed players who enjoy sustained play.

  • 6-Month Pass: For serious players dedicated to long-term earning and gameplay.

  • Lifetime Pass: Unlimited access for the lifetime of the game. Best value for long-term players.


We have introduced new leaderboards to enhance the competitive spirit of our multiplayer mode. The leaderboards are based on two categories:

  1. Amount of Wins in Multiplayer Mode:

    • Compete to win the most multiplayer matches.

    • Showcase your skills and climb to the top of the leaderboard.

  2. Amount of Gold Earned in Multiplayer Mode:

    • Accumulate gold through your multiplayer victories.

    • The more you win, the more gold you earn, and the higher you rank.

Check the leaderboards regularly to see where you stand and strive to improve your rank!

Enjoy the new Game Pass system and happy gaming!

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