Game - Viper Rush


The Viper Rush game is a hyper-casual endless type of game. Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!

How to play

Swipe your finger to guide the Viper made out of stones and break the boulders. Try to break as many boulders as possible. Get additional stones and make the biggest Viper ever to survive longer!

  1. Pick up the WSG points to increase the length of the Viper (adding more stones).

  2. Destroy the boulders to get points.

  3. Destroying a boulder with a star results in making your Viper invincible for a limited amount of time!

Scoring (for Keys)

The Viper and Boulders both have points. Smashing the Viper into the boulders decreases points on both the Viper and the boulder. You have to smash the boulders to progress in the game.

Based on your performance in the game and your account NFT rank you have a chance to receive a key that opens the treasure chest!

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