In the ever-evolving landscape of our gaming platform, we are excited to introduce Gold, a new in-game currency designed to enhance your gaming experience and add a competitive edge to every interaction within the app. Gold not only serves as a medium for engaging in thrilling wagers but also plays a crucial role in accessing various features and utilities on the platform.

Platform Use

Gold is central to the functionality of our platform. Here's how Gold integrates into our ecosystem:

Acquiring Gold

  • Users can swap 1 WSG for 100 Gold directly on our platform, enabling easy access to this valuable in-game currency.

  • Gold can be spent on purchasing mini-games on the platform for the mobile application, allowing players to dive into a variety of engaging and entertaining games.

Note: A 5% redemption fee is applied when transacting from gold back to WSG. This mechanic is another source of introducing a deflationary tokenomics model which be distributed in the same manner as the on-chain buy and sell transaction taxes.

In-App Use

Gold's introduction brings a new dimension of excitement and strategy to our games:

Competitive Wagers

  • Players can use Gold to challenge others in the app, with the winner taking the entire pot. This feature encourages friendly competition and rewards skill and strategy.

  • The ability to put Gold on duels adds a thrilling layer of engagement, making each game not just about skill but also about strategy.

Enhancing Gameplay

  • Gold is used to purchase hearts, which are essential for prolonging playing time and achieving higher scores (Hearts are not available in multiplayer). This allows players to extend their gaming sessions and strive for leaderboard dominance.

  • Obtaining Gold is possible through treasure chests found within the app, providing players with a continuous incentive to explore and engage with our gaming content.

  • The leaderboard now ranks players based on “Gold & Gold Earned,” adding a new competitive dimension.

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