A wireframe with the P2E system explained.

Main Flow

  1. Stake WSG or WSG/ETH to get WSG.

  2. Swap WSG for gold using our platform.

  3. Stake WSG to get NFT Ranks.

  4. Use gold to activate games & start grinding for keys or buy keys with gold.

  5. Use the keys to unlock the treasure chest.

  6. The treasure chest rewards you with either gold or both gold & NFTs (album NFTs can be swapped back to keys).

  7. Utilize the marketplace to buy/sell album and rank NFTs.

  8. Collect & submit all of the monthly album NFTs to get into the WSG Monthly Raffle!

Note: Each user can submit the album NFTs as many times as he/she pleases.

NFT Ranks

NFT ranks give an additional percentage for the users that play the games to receive keys (0 - 1.5%, 1 - 3%, 2 - 5%, 3 - 8%, 4 - 12%, 5 - 17%, 6 - 25%, 7 - 35%)


Hypercasual types of games - simple and addicting. Based on the result of the game, the players get a multiplier to increase their chances of getting a key.

In-game Multipliers Are calculated based on the score that the player achieves in a game. The multipliers: If the user has a really low score (0 - 20 % of the top score): 0.7x

If the user does mediocre (20 - 40 % of the top score): 1.0x

If the user has an average score (40 - 60 % of the top score): 1.5x

If the user has a solid score (60 - 80% of the top score): 2.0x

If the user has an outstanding score (80 - 100% of the top score): 2.5x


An NFT card or gold as the reward.

  • NFTs are collectibles that users collect to complete the monthly albums. The collectibles are tradable on the NFT marketplace.

  • The user gets rewarded in Gold.

Chest Rewards












Common (10)


Rare (6)


Mythic (3)


Legendary (1)


Note: Chest rewards for both NFTs and $ prizes can be changed to keep the system sustainable.


A monthly NFT collectibles competition! Collect 20 NFTs to complete the whole monthly album. A new album is released each month of the year. The users have one month to complete the entire album. Each month we release 20 NFT cards (1 Legendary, 3 Mythic, 6 Rare, 10 Common). Collect them all and enter the WSG Monthly Raffle to get a chance at winning the Monthly Album Rewards!

Several raffle participants will be chosen for the Monthly Album Rewards. Each participant can include multiple entries.

Important! We claim the right to ban or limit the player's interaction with the game if we suspect foul play. Any of the following reasons, including the below-mentioned three, can be applied, but not limited to when it comes to the restrictions of players on the platform:

  • Repetitive score (bot-like behavior),

  • Playing for an unnatural amount of time without breaks,

  • Using any third-party software to help achieve a higher score.

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