Game - Dunk It


The Dunk It game is a hyper-casual endless type of game. Very easy to play but very hard to reach high scores!

How to play

Press anywhere on the screen to bounce the doughnut! In order to score points and advance through the game, you have to dunk the doughnut into the circles. The more points you score, the higher the multiplier for the chance of obtaining keys will be!

  1. Do not let your doughnut touch the red obstacles as you will lose,

  2. The purple obstacles can be touched but with moderate speed! If you let the doughnut touch the purple wall with a speed that's too high, you will lose.

  3. The purple circles lay still, while the orange circles can be moved.

Scoring (for keys)

The doughnut has to get through the circle to get a point. These circles count as points (you get 2 points if the balls passes through without touching the rim) the more you get, the more chance you will have on obtaining keys!

Based on your performance in the game and your account NFT rank you have a chance to receive a key that opens the treasure chest!

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