Game - Cannon Siege


How to play

Press anywhere on the screen to start the game!

You have to destroy the boulders with your cannon in order to score points and advance through the game. The more points you score, the higher the multiplier for the chance of obtaining keys will be!

You have one shot from your cannon per round! After each shot, the cannon fires all the collected cannon balls in the aimed direction. The boulders have points, a cannon ball has to hit the boulder as many times as there are points on it. The game is over, if the boulders reach your cannon.

  • Collect the yellow pulsating dots to gain more cannon balls (1 yellow dot = +1 cannon ball),

  • Use the "Callback" button (on the left bottom side of the screen) to return the cannon balls thus ending the round (if cannon ball is moving slow or is stuck),

  • When filled up, use the button "Rocket" (on the right bottom side of the screen), to destroy a whole column of boulders. You choose which column you want to destroy.

Scoring (for keys)

Destroying points on boulders gain you points. Destroy as many boulders as possible to gain more points!

Based on your performance in the game and your account NFT rank you have a chance to receive a key that opens the treasure chest!

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