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Change avatar picture

How to change your avatar picture on the Wall Street Games platform
Follow the steps:
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    If you haven’t already, make sure to sign up on our platform, otherwise click on »Sign In« to login into your account.
3. Sign in with the same provider you used to create your account.
4. If you signed in successfully, you should see a user icon in the top right corner of the header, next to the »Sign out« button.
5. On the user information page, you can make certain changes to your profile such as your username and avatar. You can also view your current rank, amount of keys for opening chests and how many games you have unlocked.
6. To change your avatar picture, you need to paste a valid picture URL into the »Avatar« field. A valid link begins with either http:// or https:// and ends with a valid picture extension such as .jpg/.jpeg/.png/.svg (and some others).
7. Here is an example of a valid picture link for an avatar:
8. Finish the process by clicking the »Submit« button and you are done! If you supplied a valid avatar reference link, it should be visible next to »Your account info:« in the purple section. Congratulations, now you’ll be more visible on the leaderboard!
NOTE: Any use of inappropriate profile picture can result in a restriction of account usage!